Beautiful Handmade Scented Candles

The Scented Candle Co makes fresh and fragrant aromatherapy candles by hand with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients — including high-quality pure essential oils.

Every step of the way, our scented candles are carefully crafted in our Gold Coast candle studio, using the best ingredients we can source. Our unique approach to candle-making and quality standards ensures we consistently produce excellent candles … incredible scented candles you’ll surely treasure for as long as you can.

Our beautiful encasements might mean you’ll want to leave the candles unlit, but as soon as you do light one you’ll immediately understand what sets our candles apart — such a sensational infusion of essential oils and perfectly blended fragrances — candles from The Scented Candle Co. are all-natural, non-toxic and uniquely scented to evoke just the right mood and effect without even a trace of the toxicity that many other scented candles create.